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  • Prabhat Khujloon Powder 8 gm. (Pack of 12)

Prabhat Khujloon Powder 8 gm. (Pack of 12)

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Product details

Khujloon Powder is a medication formulated for skin problems like itching, ringworms, bacterial problems and itching due to sweat, etc. This formulation is very useful in cases where the patient is suffering from problems like itchy skin, flaky skin, or other dermal problems which have spread over large areas of the body. 

One pouch of the formula contains 8 gm. Which is to be mixed with 50 ml of Sarson oil and the viscous lep is to be spread over the affected areas before bathing. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it away with warm water and yogurt. Soap can be avoided due to harmful chemicals present in them.

Its natural ingredients like Sulphur and Bakuchi will act on the skin as an anti-bacterial agent and will remove all the bacteria and dead skin and will leave you feeling refreshed after only a couple of applications. It might sting a little during the application time but that is normal because it is the natural effect of the ingredients working on your skin.


Benefits Prabhat Khujloon Powder 

  • Useful in Bacterial Problems of Skin
  • Heals Itching due to sweating
  • Helps in healing Itchy and Flaky skin
  • Removes dead skin cells and make them fresh
  • Safe and easy to use


Ingredients: GandhakShudh 3000 mg.,BakuchiShudh 3000 mg., Murdasang 1000 mg.,KajjaliShudh 250 mg., Nilathotha 2500 mg., Karpoor 250 mg.


Indication: Useful in Scabies, Eczema, and various diseases of the skin


Dosage: Mix 8 gm. powder in 50 ml. Sarson Oil, apply on the affected part, have a bath after 2 hours or as directed by the physician.

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