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  • Ramni Sudha Syrup
  • Ramni Sudha Syrup
  • Ramni Sudha Syrup

Ramni Sudha Syrup

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Product details

Ramni Sudha Syrup (Pack of 225 ml.)


Key Highlights


  • It ensures a healthy and energetic lifestyle throughout the month
  • 100% Ayurvedic and natural
  • Relief in abdominal pain 
  • Regularizes the menstrual cycle




Ramni Sudha Syrup helps in menstrual irregularities and other menstrual diseases like PCOD which are often accompanied by symptoms like heavy abdominal cramps, heavy or very low bleeding, elongated or shortened cycle, mood swings, tiredness, loss of appetite, and bloating. Most of the time they are caused by hormonal changes in women’s bodies. It contains medicinal herbs such as: 


Ashoka, which helps to control menorrhagia (excessive flow) dysmenorrhea (Abdominal pain), menorrhagia (Irregular output). Helps to reduce fatigue, provide energy, strengthen the uterine muscle.

Nagkesar, which helps to reduce burning sensation in the palm, abdominal pain, body pain, improves diet. Relieve fatigue and provide energy.

Prabhat Ramni Sudha Syrup contains many other herbs which promote general well-being in females.




Ashok Chhal 500 mg.,GajjarBeej 200 mg., HarmalBeej 400 mg.,

KarpasMool 500 mg.,MooliBeej 200 mg., Kalaungi 200 mg., 

Dashmool 500 mg.,Ajwain 200 mg., Batajata 200 mg., Vach 200 mg., 

Soya 300 mg.,Sounf 300 mg., Nag Kesar 200 mg., Base Sugar Syrup Q.S.




Very useful in Menstrual disorders and other 

women diseases like Leucorrhea Aattrah, etc.




2 tablespoon in mixed with equal water

twice a day or as directed by the physician.


Side Effects

There are no known side effects of this product but do check the ingredients for allergy if any. If the problem persists then consult your physician.


Storage Information

Keep it in a cool, dry, and dark place.

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